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Product Introduction
Quartz ceramics

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Shanghai FRP Research CO.,Ltd.is a national key FRP radome development unit which can carry out independent design,development and production according to users' specific electrical performance, structure and operational condition requirements.

Various kinds of ground radomeOther special»
Product Type Diameter Working band Structure Electrical properties Other requirement
D/J.S.C.X.Ka.Ku/6.5 6.5 L.S.C.X.Ka.Ku Random (or quasi-random), Polygons (or quadrilateral), Honeycomb or foam sandwich Unit-wave transmittance ≥ 98%, after the installation of the radome, radar feeders VSWR ≤ 10% change Wind capacity :45-67m / s Period of use:15-20year Operating temperature: -50-60 ℃ Work environment :0-100% Anti-erosion: in the island, inland climate and other long-term work, the corrosion resistant to salt spray and wind erosion of sand Other requirements: meeting the national military standard Anti-hail capability: compliance with state regulatory requirements
D/JL.SC.C.X/8.6 8.6 L.S.C.X
D/JL.S.C.X/11.88 11.8 L.S.C.X
D/JS/13.1 13.1 S
D/JL.S/17 17 L.S
D/JL.S/20 20 L.S
D/JL.S/23 23 L.S
D/JP.L.S.X/25 25 L.S
D/JL.S/28 28 L.S
D/JP.L/44 44 P.L
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